Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nippleclogular Footwear (NSFW)

Your boss will never look down your top again, he'll be too busy checking out your perky new shoes. Through Lost At E Minor.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Om nom nom

Oooh cat vomit in a bowl with magic chopsticks - I'll scrag fight Kitty and Bethan for this. I think God from Family Guy may be responsible for this - the chopsticks kind of give you away, God :/

$12.50US from SouZouCreations at Etsy.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Feeling weird now that your creepy colleague is on annual leave and there is noone watching you? Slip one of these babies on your finger and it will be like they never left.

US$26 from kimsjewels at Etsy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's better than an octopus with a moustache?

A pirate octopus with a moustache! Why are pirates pirates? Cos they arrrrrr.

US$30 from Benandi at Etsy. Unfortunately this little octopal is sold.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Crochet Gem Ring

This comes to us via our friend Nicky, who writes:
"Is it just me and my disgusting mind, or does this look like, an, *ahem* used feminine-hygiene-product-on-a-ring?"
We now know what to collectively get her for her next birthday.

US$135 from grocgroc at Etsy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Brief jerky

We consider these to be the first in "meat haute coutoure [sic]". They are made to order for each specific customer from the highest quality of dried preserved meats we can find at the closest convenience store. This particular pair was created to fit our very own model Hairy McSpecies! We will be adding his "action shots" soon. Currently there are too many good photos to choose from. Rumor has it that wearing our BRIEF JERKY undergarments will release their natural pheremones once your body heat and moisture kicks in!

I can envisage OOF contributers' favourite make up maestro, Napoleon Perdis, trussing his frank & beans up in a pair.

I leave you with this image:

US$139 from mixedspecies at Etsy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For your Kokeshi Doll collection...

We have recently been enamoured by cute Kokeshi dolls, the Japanese-inspired decorative dolls to brighten up your interiors, especially by our friend Viv's little collection over at Ish and Chi.

However, we do feel that the selection presented to you today is made of pure nerdly goodness and will be treasured by your spawn for many light years to come. Display them next to the beloved light saber on your bedside table.

Cartman Limited Edition US$32 from myKokeshi at Etsy, Sith Inspired Custom US$30 from temple7e at Etsy, Vulcan Inspired Custom US$30 from temple7e at Etsy, Villain Inspired Custom from temple7e at Etsy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sushi Slippers

Invite your hot date up for a glass of wine and slip into something more comfortable.

US$28 from sushibooties at Etsy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Musings from a Spermy Saturday...

It was one of those Saturdays recently, where spermlets just followed us around. As they do.

First, we spotted a set of bangles in Sportsgirl that had distinctively spermly features on the main bracelet.
Set of bracelets AU$16.95 from Sportsgirl.

Then, we were indulging in a very rich hot chocolate in a chocolate cafe and this evil sperm drew itself on our beverage. We would have preferred less wiggliness in the tail, of course, but we're not expert hot chocolate decorators. *excuses*
Milk Hot Chocolate from Lindt Cafe, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney. Photo courtesy of Poppy.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Quasi the Roadkill Squirrel

It's a well-known fact that we at Our Other Favourites have a soft spot for squirrels. So we nearly creamed our pants* when we came across Quasi, the Roadkill Squirrel and his story:

This poor little handknit squirrel started off as any other cute furry little thing, but somewhere along the way everything went wrong. Named Quasi for the Quasimodo-like hump of his back, he tried to cross the road at the exact wrong time. A animal loving doctor found him and stitched him up. He needs a loving home and someone who can find his beauty inside.

Make him yours, Esmeralda.

US$14.50 from lesjoujou at Etsy.

*though for private consumption, we usually prefer squirrels of the non-roadkill variety. We may be crool bitches but they're just so damn cute.

'Joy' Metallic Doll

This fiery little creation will always be happy to see you, even if her happiness is more schadenfreude than joy. We envy her perfectly glossy red lips.

US$260 from Monsterosity at Etsy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rock out....with your bush out. (nsfw)

For the casual or serious vag connoisseur.

US$13 from kingdog at Etsy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who Gives A Literal Flying F*ck?

ThinkGeek do. Love.

Flying F*CK R/C Helicopter, US$19.99 from ThinkGeek.

In Honour of Migraines

Migraine accuracy scale: * * * * (good amount of suffering, under-eye circles, bonus points for vomming)
Not Tonight Honey I Have a Migraine - Original ACEO Drawing
US$5 from WorldOfMoments at Etsy.

Migraine accuracy scale: * * * * * (roaring grizzly clawing around inside brain, perfect 5)
Migraine Bear
US$11 from cobcreations at Etsy.

Migraine accuracy scale: * * * * (could have more pain analogies, but good representation of audio-visual cacophony and aura)
Migraine Bird Toy
US$12 from zeeksbeak at Etsy.

Migraine accuracy scale: * (too serene, and no long-legged bird has ever sucked our brain pain away in a rainbow)
Migraine painting
US$45 from loadedhipspress at Etsy.

Migraine accuracy scale: * * * (perfect as a post-brain burn haze, but the eyes are too clear for an actual migraine, though the splatters are convincing and we can relate)
Migraine Girl Abstract Art 8x10 Print
US$12 from SquiggleArt at Etsy.

Cthulhu Kitty Art Doll

Cthulhu, with kitty ears. One of a kind art doll. Reserved for a lucky buyer, but if you're desperate for one then contact the seller and beg and plead for your very own.

US$150 from limeinmoloko at Etsy.

How to prevent midnight snacking

We think we've found the perfect method to prevent midnight snacking. Decorate your kitchen with kitsch anthropomorphic vintage kitchen implements and their judging, soulless eyes will scare you out of the biscuit craving. Most of the time, anyway.

Uncle Ed, the slightly creepy old fucker, thinks you've already had a few biscuits too many, young lady.
US$5 from thebabykitties at Etsy.

The seller writes:
Mr. Corny is a 60s Miller Studios chalkware piece that once served as a notepad holder.
Now let him continue his journey in your kitchen as a wall-eyed midnight snack monitor.
US$ 10 from moonula at Etsy.

Angry shroom shaker duo is angry at your lapse of good judgment. What makes you think that Tim Tams at 2am are a great idea? And why can't the duo themselves have any? Such is life, etc etc.
US$18 from carmenandginger at Etsy.

Carmen the winking strawberry knows your vices. She's been there, knows that assignments suck major arse, knows that insomnia is a bitch, that sometimes all you want is to raid the fridge without a kitchen canister judging you. Carmen encourages your brave expedition to the kitchen, she wants you to go on and take that biscuit, girlfriend. Carl the onion agrees, this naughty pair will always be on your side in midnight pantry raids.
US$7 from foursquarevintage at Etsy.

Panicking pickles Stefano and Massimo aren't so encouraging, I'm afraid. What about the dress you just bought?! What if you spend the whole evening doing laps to the biscuit cupboard? What if you end PLUS SIZED, GOD FORBID?! You'd think this squealing pair is worried about your health and well-being but something tells us they're more worried about how you'd look in their designer kitchen.
US$20 from retrovertigo at Etsy.