Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For your Kokeshi Doll collection...

We have recently been enamoured by cute Kokeshi dolls, the Japanese-inspired decorative dolls to brighten up your interiors, especially by our friend Viv's little collection over at Ish and Chi.

However, we do feel that the selection presented to you today is made of pure nerdly goodness and will be treasured by your spawn for many light years to come. Display them next to the beloved light saber on your bedside table.

Cartman Limited Edition US$32 from myKokeshi at Etsy, Sith Inspired Custom US$30 from temple7e at Etsy, Vulcan Inspired Custom US$30 from temple7e at Etsy, Villain Inspired Custom from temple7e at Etsy.


Poppy said...

OMFG the Cartman one is awesome. WANT.

Kitty said...

Ahaha for your next birthday.