Thursday, June 4, 2009

Delicious decapitated heads

If we were felines, we'd be rubbing our paws in glee at these beautifully constructed decapitated head toys. The seller agrees:

My cat used to bring me dead things, and as much as I'd love to validate my cat's pride, I could not keep the bird carcass in front of the door. I figured all could win with this decapitated mouse head. I get to see her flex her mean skills and she gets to annihilate something.

You get three heads of your choice. Please indicate which heads you would like in the notes to seller. If none are indicated you get one of each.These de'cat'pitated heads are made with felt, poly-fil, organic cat nip and several gooey/oozy/bloody yarn neck bits.

Nom nom. Sigh. Perhaps in our next life.

US$25 from spellwell at Etsy.

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