Sunday, January 11, 2009

From Mia: Smells Like Roses Soap

Our beautiful friend Mia found this delicious soap, which smells of yesterday's takeaway roses.
My Poop Does Not Stink Soap, US$4 from LoveLeeSoaps at Etsy.

Mia got engaged recently, and we are ecstatic for her. We can only hope that this is the ring that her beloved proposed with.
Small Poop Ring, US$15 from poopshop at Etsy.


Poppy said...

The poo ring is divine. I would even consider marriage if someone put on of those on my finger :D

Mia said...

My ring is pitiful when compared to the pooper. I think I will declare the engagement null and void until I am presented with this nugget!

Bethan said...