Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy birthday Poppy

A few offerings for my dear friend S on her birthday.

Real rabbit fur eye patch for the fashion forward pirate. This is a high quality eye patch embellished with genuine super soft, super sexy rabbit fur. The inside of the eye patch is lined with gauze for long term comfort. Elastic band so one size fits just about everyone. Unless you're a huge or tiny headed freakshow.

US$7 from DeadMenTellingTales at Etsy.

Poppy knows the lure of a good 'tache. Now celebrities are getting in on the action with these nifty badges.

(The one in the bottom left hand corner bears more than a passing resemblance to Nappy, non?)

US$4 (for set of four) from kingdog at Etsy.

Fancy a bit o' Dex? This Scrabble tile pendant will mean you can have him close to your heart each day.

US$6.50 from ktkcj at Etsy.

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