Monday, January 12, 2009

Bright Yellow Banana Blanket (slightly nsfw)

Not technically NSFW since it's just a knitted tube, right? The seller explains:

Wrap your favorite toy in warmth. This bright yellow Cock Coozy measures 8 inches long and stretches to fit width (within reason).
I smoke in my home. I will do my best to ensure that your coozy is stink free. I do store them in airtight containers in a smoke free room. But let's face it...if you're shopping for these things, your Cock Coozy smelling like smoke might be the least of your problems.

Put a hoodie on your woody!

We are particularly fond of the hoodie slogan.

US$8 from Pricktastic at Etsy.


Poppy said...

I thought it was a corn cob *innocent*

Kitty said...

Sure sure!