Monday, December 22, 2008

Just another moustachioed Monday ...

We here at OOF aren't afraid to admit to an unhealthy love of the tache.


The endangered monster toothed tache.

US$10 from shuusei at Etsy.

The moody french kitler.

US$10 from Lavatican at Etsy.

Henri the incognito hound.

US$20 from henrihopper at Etsy.

Awww moustachio pistachio. We want to squish him.

US$12 from MyPreciousGrandchild at Etsy.

Moustaches really do grow on trees.

US$19 from mustacheclothing at Etsy.


Bethan said...

The moustachioed pistachio reminds me of a punani *shifty*

poppy said...

I bet you look up at the clouds and see punani too. :P

Bethan said...

Doesn't everyone?



Kitty said...

I have so much love for this post. One of the best ever. EVER. ♥