Monday, November 17, 2008

Penis travel pillow

The subject itself is worthy of being here, however I knew it was meant to be when the seller used a pair of scissors to show the scale of the cock in question. Isn't the usual a 5 cent piece or something? Whyyyyyyyy put cutty implements next to the male organ (even if it isn't real). Men everywhere are crossing their legs at the thought. Meh, this one's cut anyway.

So it's a travel pillow. With a peen. Great gag (heh) gift. And so on.

US$12 from thepricklyforest at Etsy.


Gemma said...

They aren't just scissors - they are pinking shears by the look of it! hehehee

Kitty said...

If I had testicles, they would shrivel up from fear right now.