Wednesday, November 19, 2008

God Can't Help You Now

The seller's description (we may just be in love):

People of certain persuasions think that someday they will see the angel of death.

Uh - folks? The angel of death is already here. It's called owls. They're badder than junk yard dogs, meaner than old King Kong - hell, they're worse than Leroy Brown. An owl killed my grandmother for doing nothing more than having clashing patterns on her outdoor furniture. Owls are death incarnate. DO NOT CROSS AN OWL. If you do, and you think you're good because maybe you got God in your corner - you best be thinking of a backup. Like maybe another owl.

God help you. I mean, you're SCREWED.

US$4.25 from mincingmockingbird at Etsy.

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