Sunday, November 30, 2008

From Mimi: Etat Libre d'Orange Magnificent Secretions (nsfw)

Our beautiful friend Mimi was visiting Mecca Cosmetica in a department store, saw this exquisitely packaged olfactory gem and had to MMS it to us immediately. We could not be more grateful.

AU$125 for 50ml from Mecca Cosmetica.


poppy said...

Ahhhh does Mimi want it for Christmas? :D

mimi said...

bahahahah no thanks.
there was also a bottle with a couple kissing on it and the title says "i do not swallow" but i didn't get to take a photo as the Sales Assistant kept hovering next to me.

Bethan said...


Does it be smelling of oranges or peen or baby juice? Baby oj juice? Freshly squeezed peen?

embellishedmakeup said...

Holy fuck is this for real?

Gemma said...

I saw this at Mecca today. It smells like blood, sweat and seamen *apparently* (Couldn't bring myself to take a whiff).

Fucking horrible.