Monday, September 1, 2008

Splat Stan

Splat stan coaster - Imagining your enemii as this coaster is almost as satisfying as a stabbing a voodoo penii. Stan is the cousin of Dead Fred.

AU$19.95 from NoteMaker. They also have a shop called The Source on Queen Street in Melbourne.

My absolute favourite offering from The Source/NoteMaker is the Sharp End.
Simply stick your pencil in the cat's butt, sharpen and hear it meow. Includes litter tray and keeps your pencils pointy.

AU$19.95 from NoteMaker. Also available from The Source.


Kitty said...


Bethan said...

Sharp End is the shiz!

Mia said...

... I have a sharp end, and have for a while. Each time I need a sharpener I get that one.