Thursday, November 13, 2008

Your Vulva Portrait

The seller's description:

Celebrate your own beauty, and smile at the fact that when friends come over and compliment the painting they are complimenting your Vagina. After purchasing send me a convo describing your Vagina: the shape of your inner and outer, colors, how much or how little your inner labia extend out from your outer labia, how well hidden your clitoris is, is it heavily hooded or can you see it fairly easily? Send 4-5 pictures, all at similar but different angles, along with the description. Then describe your Vagina in one word.

US$42.99 from VulvaLoveLovely at Etsy.


poppy said...

I'm surprised no measurements are expected. Perhaps one could draw a little scale on the photographs to ensure accuracy.

Bethan said...

True Poppy - nothing worse than an out of whack snatch.
Kitty is that yours?

Foodycat said...

I am surprised no one thought of this before - "Hey, send me split beaver pics and I will paint them! Wankstains for texture..."