Friday, November 28, 2008

Handmade In Squalor By Genuine Malingerers & Ingrates

Let us begin with the shop description:
All Metal Art Atrocities are handmade in SQUALOR by genuine MALINGERERS & INGRATES.Welcome to INTERNATIONAL BLUDGER STUDIO,Melbourne Australia, where each ART ATROCITY emerges ready to thrill with incredible feats of inertia.
Bank deposit/pay pal are our preferred methods of payment but we are willing to accept quantities of uranium or human stem cells.
Our eyes lit up as soon as we saw this, and we were sufficiently prepared for the deliciously named goodies:

Testicle Crunching Terrier and Electrophant US$18 each, Insurgent Piglet and Sycophantic Sewer Rat US$13 each from metalbludger at Etsy.

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