Thursday, September 25, 2008

What the fuck?

Imaginatively titled The Yeti and his Big-Titted Snow Lady Girlfriend the seller adds:

Al is a yeti. Some refer to him as an abominable snowman, but he prefers the term, "yeti." It's more cryptic that way. Although he is not exactly mammal or plant or fish, he does have a humongous libido and is in the process of courting this well-endowed snow-lady. Her name is Sylvia, she's from Minneapolis, and she's way into foreign films. Her dream is to work with Pedro Almodovar, but that would involve moving to Spain or South America. It doesn't really snow there so she wouldn't really exist, which is why the film-industry thing is only a dream. I mean, she could get into soft-core adult-snow films...

The desciption alone is worth the selling price.

US$40 from LadyRayCello at Etsy.

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