Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Manty Ranty

Forget the 'manties', get the dude some manscaping, stat!

The undies themselves may induce a snigger, but the description is what got me going:

My boy's on set, my boy's on top, Craig Hunter revealed, FINALLY! And where did you see it first, FOX NEWS.

Fuck yes, these manties where especially made in China, specially sad. I personally dressed up in an icecream cone suit and ate ice cream for hours while kids sewed away on these delicious boy bikini briefs.SLAVE LABOR GETS FUCKED OFF! AGAIN AND AGAIN!

Victoria Secret is made in China, falls apart, and costs $50! Your mom must be an idiot, she should have bought you undies from RHLS!: Where only the smartest K9 Psychologysts and Cafeterians hovercraft above and beyond counterintuiteve counter progress mass produced pitfalls. PISS OFF! Piss in R Kelly's mouth.

Craig is a real special guy for Lil' Snotts and R. When Craig visited RHLS for the first time in Seattle when we still worked out of our bedroom, we were like, Yes its a ridiculous game, you can totally make magic all day long and get paid and so can you. Craig went back to Houston and blew us out of the water in like a month.

Now we all have the most amazing job(hand). We handjob instant gratification all night all day. Red Hook, Parachute, you got that hat.(thinking)

The Clit Manties come in small, medium, large. made from all salvaged materials, deadstock cotton, vintage ts, Elastic from a demolished belt factory circa 1973-1995ish zone.

US$18 from ruffeohertslilsnoty at Etsy.

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Kitty said...

That is a beautiful piece of writing. I am impressed.